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10 Million Candle Power Infrared Light with adjustable Humvee Gun Turret Shield Mount



The 10M-25 Infrared Spotlight was a development based on a request by troops stationed in Iraq. We utilized Pro/ENGINEER to design this project. Pro/Active Services is proud to introduce a fully adjustable 10 million candle power infrared light that can be mounted directly on a Humvee gun turret shield giving the gunner a light source that follows the turret movement or removed and used as a portable infrared light source.

There are many situations in which covert personnel do not have enough light to generate an accurate image using night vision goggles, scopes, binoculars and other night vision tactical devices. In these instances, the 10M-25 Infrared Spot Light permitted maximum infrared light output to identify the subject under surveillance with precision while maintaining demanding covertness. This was an accessory used for the safety of field personnel during night time operations.

The 10M-25 Infrared Spot Light can be used on the fully adjustable gun shield mount or easily removed and used as a portable infrared light source. The infrared filter blocks 99% of the visible light spectrum. Selectable power levels permit choosing either a 5 million candle or 10 million candle power setting. The 10M-25 Infrared Spot Light is cordless and can operate with a 12 volt rechargeable battery or directly from the Humvee's 12 volt sytem. A battery gauge provides for instant battery power level feedback. Included is a DC cigarette lighter power cord and 110V AC charger and two spare bulbs. The spot light infrared lens diameter measures 7 inches. A very versatile source for covert and non-covert lighting demands.

Tested In Iraq

Our 10M-25 Infrared Spot Light has been tested in Iraq. Reports back to us range from "...awesome" to "it's the difference between night and day...".



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